This is the End

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

We are doomed. The Gray Vipers, the Imperial City, the very Empire—all of us. The Daedra cannot be stopped. All that they do they do from impulse. And it is hideous.

Years from today, if anyone remains to find this parchment, they may glean irony in a Gray Viper lamenting his fate after a lifetime of debauchery and criminality. But what I’ve done as a Viper was in the name of survival. Flourishing as it was before the Daedra invasion, this scholar-in-training found Imperial City didn’t provide for everyone. The Gray Vipers allowed me to provide for myself.

These Daedra, however … they kill us, maim us, infect us with demonic disease, and are enlivened by it. It’s an art to them, a creative outlet, to cause agony. And when they run out of mortal bodies to disfigure they venture above to get more. It will be my turn soon, and I would deny whatever grotesque fate they craft for me.

So I’ve started a collection. Just scraps of rope and cloth, here and there, pillaged from the bodies we pass when we’re marched out of these cells to be paraded and whipped for the Lord Warden’s pleasure. By week’s end, I’ll have enough for a way out of this place.

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