Princess Urenenya’s Letter

Author: Princess Urenenya, Pelorrah (Translator)
Released In:

Translated by Pelorrah, Assistant Sapiarch of Altmeri Heritage, Cloudrest Annex

"My Beloved Klathzgar,

"Of my affections, be confident they are in no degree diminished. My father's demands for my bethrothal I have refused and thereby suffered greatly, kept apart as I was from my truest love. But alas, the illness of which I had written before grows ever worse, and I feel my life ebbing away. I have determined that I shall visit you for our farewells to be spoken, but in honor I must return to Silaseli thereafter. Sweet intentions though you have, I beseech you to abandon your designs to perpetuate my existence through mechanical embodiment. It is you I love, my ardent engineer, not your automata.


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