Atrocious Love Letter

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

To My Lovely Flowering Perennial,

I must bank on the idea that this letter finds you well. You have done more than accrue my interest. I find that I must often check to make sure that I am standing upright, as I cannot balance myself, thinking often of the ways you have embezzled my heart. To your credit, you bankrupted my thoughts, allowing me to account for nothing beyond the sweet vault of your embrace.

I have appraised the situation and I feel like I must make this statement at once: We have done more than bond. I know I am forever in your debt. Lend your heart to me and I shall make payment to your kindness in turn. Do not be shy on my account, allow me to deposit my sincerity into this letter.

I shall transfer my love from this letter to your heart,

Your Little Lender Bee

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