Observation Note 154: Z’Maja’s Capture

Author: Welkynar Galenwe
Released In:

Z'Maja's capture went far too smoothly. Even given my most optimistic calculations, we shouldn't have been able to subdue her as quickly as we did. The rest of my companions of course see no harm, caught up as they are in our victory. They wave away my fears, as if I were but an annoying gnat.

Her shadow magics are also an upsetting development. It pains me, but I've never seen or heard of its like. I've theorized that this power sources from the amulet embedded within her chest. A Daedric artifact, perhaps? Yes, the more I study its magical presence, the more I believe this may be the case.

As for further analysis, I can do little but speculate. Z'Maja's power, however she came upon it, is as dangerous as it is mysterious. The shadows she controlled seemed to sap the life from all it touched. Many soldiers were lost from that power alone. It was only through Olorime's magic, which holds properties of light, that my companions and I were able to overcome the miasma.

Even more disturbing was Z'Maja's ability to somehow replicate the warriors who fought her. Whenever a soldier fell in the line of duty, a shadow would arise from their corpse. A dark mimic, it appeared, who would begin to fight on Z'Maja's behalf. If we had not been able to apprehend the Sea Sload, I fear that these shades could have easily turned the tide of battle.

If Z'Maja does plot against us, I fear for Cloudrest's safety. I fear for our safety. I must make sure to keep her contained, for if she escapes... I fear we would not survive.

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