A Token of My Affection

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Gwaering saw it first. A panther, with eyes bright as the moons shining overhead. We’d set the decoy earlier in the day, and with an arrow loosed it past the beast.

Somehow it guessed our treachery! That old monster turned and glared at the blind we’d thought hidden so well in the underbrush. It snarled, and like a black wind did rush us with all its speed.

Gwaering let fly an arrow. Swift as lightning did it plunge into the beast’s eye, yet still it charged on! When it reached my spear, its bulk lifted me from the ground. Were my grip not sure, I’d have sprawled into the trees above, so powerful were its death throes.

Gwaering extinguished its burning eyes with her blade. I kept the skull. From it shall I fashion a token of my affection.

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