To Sai Sahan

Released In:
Author (in-game): Abnur Tharn

Sai Sahan,

Since we began exchanging letters concerning the rage of Dragons loose in Elsweyr, I have been eagerly anticipating news of your reformed Dragonguard and the Dragon you have allied with. A remarkable achievement. I’m surprised you accomplished it without me.

We have important business to discuss. My own investigations have uncovered a threat to Southern Elsweyr. I am on my way to your Dragonguard Sanctum. And I’m bringing a friend. Make sure that you and your Dragon are available. Time is short and we must move quickly.

One more thing. You have been working with a mutual friend. The Champion of Anequina and the Pride of the Dragonguard. Make sure they are also with you. We’ll need them to deal with this threat. Don’t tell them, but they impressed me during our time together in Northern Elsweyr. Yes, yes, it surprises me as much as it does you.

I’ll arrive in Southern Elsweyr shortly. Be prepared for my arrival.

Abnur Tharn

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