Dark Ministrations

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

This old tomb is the perfect place to practice our craft. No one will venture down here past the mine.

The offerings are complete. The Lady of Nightmares has opened the way. We’ve been given our own small pocket of this sacred realm. Construction begins tonight to create a suitable temple in Her honor ….

Once the temple is complete, we expect the realm will expand soon. The Unspeakable Sigil’s consecration went just as we had hoped. My son will live forever at Her side.

Scamps, the smallest of Her children, are appearing in the temple and deep in the mine. This can only be a sign of Her love and favor!

However, I had expected our pocket of Oblivion to be twice the size it is now. Is the Lady displeased with us? Some of us have hatched a plan to sacrifice more of the faithful. Surely that will capture Her attention and earn our just reward!

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