Hidden Diary

Released In:
Author (in-game): Nestrana Furotis

Property of Nestrana Furotis

I was warned about keeping this diary. When the Elder found me writing down my thoughts for the day, she snatched the page from my hands and instantly set it alight. “Don’t you understand the meaning of ‘secret order’,” she asked.

But I’ve kept a diary since I was a young girl! It kept me sane during the lonely times. And, honestly, I haven’t felt as lonely as I do now in a long time. So, I’ll keep writing, but it’ll stay a secret. Just between you and I, right diary?

We’re leaving the boarding house for a new place of worship in Deshaan. Apparently, it contains a shrine that our leadership has sought for years. Rumor has it that we’ll be living in a cave now. A cave! With bats and worms and such.

When I joined up last season, I thought it would be fun chanting and burning stuff. But now I’m surrounded by some truly obsessed people and will be sleeping in the dirt. I think I have made a grave mistake.

I need to leave. What have I done? We have slaves working for us! Some work until they die from exertion. And there is a monster … I don’t know what he is, he runs the operation here. I’ve read all about the Daedra that we deal with. I’ve even helped summon a few of my own. But this Baron Zaudrus, I’ve seen nothing like him. He’s massive and looks like he could tear off my arms with a finger.

We’re supposed to perform the ritual soon. They’re killing them. All of them. I can’t do this. I need to leave.

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