Perfumed Letter

Author: Borali
Released In:

Dearest Atunn,

You've only been away for a few days, but I already miss you terribly! I hate the thought of you alone in some strange forest without someone to prepare your favorite meals or keep you company after a hard day's work. I wish you could find a job here in Windhelm so we didn't have to be apart so often.

Things here are starting to get really busy as the competitors arrive for the celebratory games. King Jorunn seems very excited. As the anniversary celebration draws closer, we're even seeing an influx of Dark Elves and Argonians. I can't believe you're out in the woods, missing all this!

So tell me, dearest one, is the haunted wood as scary as the Sisters Glumm make them out to be? Have you met a forest spirit or seen a spriggan? You always hated those stories. You can be a big baby sometimes. Well, I need to rush off. Henrik War-Wolf promised to get me close to the wrestling competition!

Love you!

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