Letter to Skull-Brother Xandier

Released In:
Author (in-game): Emutaril


It has been far too long since last we met. I do so miss the company of a fellow collector, and I believe I have a remedy for that. More accurately, a rumor for that. You won’t believe the things I’ve heard about what people are finding in Craglorn.

I know you have an interest in the most ancient of relics, and I shouldn’t have to remind you (though I will anyway) that the Nedes themselves were known to inhabit that territory in antiquity. Can you imagine the prestige owning even a Nedic chamber pot, much less an inscription or warding-prism, would garner? I can!

We must meet again and try our luck at recovering one of these priceless relics. When is the earliest you can meet me in Dragonstar? Oh, and just ignore all the chatter about how dangerous it is over there. I’m sure it’s nothing we can’t handle!

Your Fellow Collector,

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