Bartholomew’s Task

Released In:
Author (in-game): Chief Archivist Bartholomew

The prior has commanded me to plumb the records of my predecessors for knowledge of the vaults beneath our holy bastion. Though the order consecrated those heretic halls for Divine purpose centuries ago, I cannot blame the knight-commander for regarding the ancient Wild Elf magic at work with suspicion.

* * *
The records speak of welkynd stones tied to the vaults beneath the keep. Some of my earliest predecessors rightly removed these objects from their sconces for fear of Daedric influence. I am no expert on the Wild Elves, but their devotion to the Daedric Princes is a well-known fact even among laymen.

* * *
Prior Thierric seemed both pleased and concerned by my discoveries about the vaults thus far. He has commanded me to take the welkynd stones and continue to research their connection to the ruins. I do not relish this task, but I will pursue it with all seriousness. We should not take for granted that the vaults we entrust with securing the blasphemous objects of Oblivion should be trusted blindly, given their origins.

* * *
One of my predecessors considered themselves something of an Ayleid scholar. They cataloged many rubbings taken from the original architecture beneath Red Petal Bastion. The Ayleidoon means nothing to me, but there is a phrase that appears several times taken from the sconces which held the welkynd stones: Goriseli Moraburo. A connection at last.

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