Deleyn’s Mill Order Form

Author: Morric Miller
Released In:

Order for Purchaser: Lord Alain Diel

Strong, sturdy lumber to be used in the construction of shipping crates. Crates need to be large enough and strong enough to protect fragile harpy eggs and to contain live harpies. Needs enough lumber to construct a dozen such crates. To start!

Lord Alain Diel has requested a large order and indicates that he will be placing reorders in a timely manner. Remember that any details pertinent to this order are for fulfillment purposes only. Do not spread any rumors concerning what His Lordship may or may not be hunting in the wilderness outside Daggerfall.

This order is to be handled with the utmost care and urgency. Let's make sure he receives the highest grade wood that I'm charging him for.

If you have any questions, please see me at the mill.

— Morric Miller

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