Telvanni Requirements

Released In:
Author (in-game): Llarel Telvanni

To: Captain Angarthal
Re: Telvanni Requirements


I am writing from Necrom to inform you that House Telvanni requires a very specific list of new subjects for events planned in the next few months. We are delighted to hear you are targeting Breton villages along the Iliac Bay and we will offer significant incentive if you are able to deliver subjects that fit the following criteria.

— Six young women, all under the age of twenty years; at least one brunette, two blondes, and at least one woman of significant girth, preferably extremely pale.
— Seven young men, all under the age of twenty-four years; hair color is irrelevant, but make sure they’re not too hairy. Physique is critical as at least five will be used for labor. Tall and skinny would be preferred for the remaining two. If one might have blue eyes, this would be preferred as well.
— Two elderly men, but they must be healthy. We’re not looking for men on their deathbeds. We’re looking for these men to serve as chaperones, so it’s also critical they have good eyesight.
— Lastly, any gender/age is acceptable but it’s of highest necessity that we get someone who has intimate knowledge of swine, as we are in desperate need of a new pig-keeper. The last one was eaten.

For any acquisition that fulfills these requests, we will offer twice the normal rate. Other “favors” will be offered as well based on the number of requests filled overall.

I wish you swift and safe sailing, Sera.

— Llarel Telvanni

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