Uggissar’s Diary

Released In:
Author (in-game): Uggissar

After visiting Cousin Idirfa in Fort Amol, I decided to take the family to visit Icehammer’s Vault. My intention was to leave my wife and child outside the tomb while I went in to collect whatever gold and relics I could carry. I’m a fairly good treasure hunter, if I do say so myself, but those moneylenders are making it difficult for me and my family. I need to collect enough treasure to pay off the moneylenders before things get ugly.

I survived my first foray into the vault. I had to dispatch one draugr I wasn’t able to sneak past, but at least a found a small coffer that contained a few pieces of gold. Nowhere near enough to pay off my debts, but a good start nevertheless.
When I returned to our camp, I saw that the weather had taken a turn for the worse. My poor wife was freezing and the baby wasn’t doing much better. I couldn’t leave them out in the elements, but it was also too treacherous to try to travel. My only choice was to take them with me back into Icehammer’s Vault.

At least it’s relatively warm and dry within the tomb. And the hunting has been going well. A few more days and I might actually have enough to pay my debts with a little left to spare!

The draugr are becoming more and more of a problem, however. They seem to be searching the tomb for us. I know that sounds crazy. They are mindless walking corpses, after all. But it really seems like they’re making a concerted effort to find us.

Damn the weather! The storm raging outside is still too intense for us to chance—and I really should collect a few more items from these burial chambers. One more night, and then I’m getting my family out of here.

What a fool I was! A complete and utter fool! While I was rooting around in one of the burial chambers, a horde of draugr broke through the barricade I had set up and attacked my poor, ppor wife. I can see that she died valiantly, trying to defend our child from the monsters. For all the good it did! Now both my wife and baby are dead, and I am alone in this cursed vault!

I saw another exit down a deserted corridor. I’ll try to avoid the draugr and escape through there.

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