Nisaazda’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Nisaazda

Our thanks, Sangiin, for this boon beyond our wildest dreams! This one will drink every drop of the Dragons blood in your name. None shall go to waste. She must cherish this prize though and use its blood wisely, as she does not have much time. Grundwulf will not wait forever for his prize.

* * *
Nisaazda knows her hopes are well founded, and her caution. The phial of Dragon blood she drew is still hot to the touch. It is flush with magicka. So much so that her measures for the potency of essence are insufficient. If her mouth could water, the anticipation to taste this beast’s blood would flow down her chin. But like the fiery desert peppers of Anequina, its intensity gives her pause. She must be patient.

* * *
Curse that slinking rat, Renald. She does not know how his letter reached Grundwulf, but his words strike too close to the truth for this one’s liking. Nisaazda has assured the Devourer that the old bat is blind to the potential of their plans. She doubts that this will be the last we hear of him. Nisaazda must act soon.

* * *
Nisaazda’s mixture is as close to perfect as she can make it, with what she has been given. She has used every vial of her rarest blood. She has performed every ritual. Made every offering she knows for the Blood Cat’s favor. She can be no more prepared for the time she tastes the Dragon’s Blood. Nisaazda hopes she is being overcautious, but if the Devourer becomes the devoured, her efforts will not have been wasted.

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