Come to Vvardenfell!

Author: Arturian
Released In:


I know you've got a place above that store in Stormwind, but you really have to join me in Vvardenfell. I've been here less than a year and I've already got my own place just outside Balmora. I'm making enough gold that I take voyages down to Vivec City every month or so.

You wouldn't believe the architecture here. They built "the City of the Warrior-Poet" right out on the water. All these multi-layered cantons—I have a hard time finding my way around!

And Balmora has a canal running right through the center of the town. I though they'd call it the "town of waters," but it really should be "the town of beautiful barmaids." There's a Dark Elf woman working at one of the inns who really likes me, I can tell.

Anyway, when you get here, find me in Balmora. It's north of Seyda Neen. If you land in Vivec City, spend the extra gold for a barge trip. The wildlife along the road can be a bit dangerous.


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