Mission Report: Successful

Released In:
Author (in-game): Tlish

This book was added in the Scrivener’s Hall dungeon.

For the records I, Tlish, traveled through the rift to the Deadlands on the orders of Valinna. My travels took me far and my shoes burned as I walked. My goal was clear, the Raging Coast, an area of the Burn I hope to never travel to again. Still, I found my target, a creature of means and plans with all the time available to meet its goals. A creature of cunning and villainy but little creative output. My quarry is a lesser Daedroth who in time will amass a collection to rival that of the Demon of Knowledge.

I found it, where Valinna said it would be. A Scamp with dreams of grandeur and just enough forethought to see them through. It is with great pride that I did what I was sent to do. I slew the devious Mikget. This may not stop it. Mikget’s goal may yet be achieved, but it was the most I could do to influence the flow of events as Valinna says we must.

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