Vinnus’s Note

Author: Vinnus
Released In:


My love, I found what I was looking for. The stone is definitely an instrument of some dark force, probably Mehrunes Dagon himself given where it was discovered. But I haven’t gotten the chance to study it to my satisfaction. Drawing the attention of Dagon or his followers while I am trespassing in his realm doesn’t seem to be an excellent idea.

I fear this mission will be my last. In that regard, I have a favor to ask of the person who finds me. If you’re a friend, please take this stone to Orthus Pontanian at the Fighters Guild in Leyawiin. Hopefully, he can figure out what the purpose of these stones is before those Dagonist bastards weaponize them against us.

And, I am sorry about his personality. Orthus, if you’re reading this, be kind to my new friend. They’ve traveled a long way to bring this to you.

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