The Three’s Petition to the King

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Petition to the King:

The Three have become a feared name in Stormhaven, but we come from humble beginnings. Each of us was raised in abject poverty. We learned to steal, but only to scrape by. Our cunning and our collaboration have now earned us great wealth and many followers, but this is not what we sought.

Nor are we fools. We know our days as outlaws are numbered. Though we may elude capture and even expand our enterprise for many years, there will come a day when we will be called to answer for our crimes, and that is a day we hope will never come to pass.

At heart , we are not criminals, and that is why we now seek a pardon from the king. We do not wish to spend the rest of our lives robbing innocent people and running from the Knights of the Flame. We want to turn our operation into a legitimate enterprise.

In exchange for our pardon, we offer half of all the wealth we have amassed. We have not completed the process of counting it, but rest assured, it is a considerable sum. We hope you take this small gift as proof of our earnestness and that you will give our petition due consideration.

Respectfully and Humbly your Loyal Subjects,

The Three

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