Bogvir’s Letter

Author: Bogvir
Released In:


First, you recruit my own vampires away from me, offering them false promises and so-called new opportunities in West Weald. Then you invite me to bid on the very alchemical recipe you stole from me! Does your audacity know no bounds?

I’ll admit that while I knew the ambrosial concoction could double or triple our innate vampiric powers, you were the one to figure out how to do it without also killing us. Or so you claim.

So here’s my thought. I’m inclined to take a case or two off your hands. But if you expect me to pay for it, then you’re even more of a fool than I gave you credit for.

Set aside two cases of wine for me at the auction, or I’ll not only turn the other covens against you—I’ll tell the Fighters Guild or Ravenwatch what you’re up to.


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