Greenshade Explorer’s Log

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

10 First Seed

Went down to the cave, near the Vale, the one with the strange tree. Must remember the place. Wonderful saplings grow there, with sweet seeds. So delectable. These seeds will be worth a fair price at market.

11 First Seed

The cave is full of Wood Elves! I returned today for more of the seeds, and there was a whole village in there. They asked me what year it was, but I was so terrified, I just stammered dumbly and ran off.

13 First Seed

I wrote to the Thalmor to tell them about the time-traveling Wood Elves. I have yet to hear a response. The locals just laugh at me. They say time travel is impossible. Maybe it is, but I know what I saw. I’m going to get the local treethane to come out to the cave with me tomorrow.

14 First Seed

The village was gone! The treethane laughed and said “Some Wood Elves have been playing a trick on you, outsider.” If they were, it was an elaborate trick indeed! I refuse to believe it. I know what I saw.

15 First Seed

I have decided to wait in the cave until the village comes back. I will prove that I’m not crazy.

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