Note to Menthery

Author: Landlin
Released In:


I don’t think there’s much time. People are fleeing the city, and you should, too. I spoke with one of the mages and she said that thing in the sky is of Daedric origin. The earth tremors it’s causing are only the beginning. I don’t plan on sticking around to learn more about it and I doubt help will make it here in time. Assuming anyone else even knows what’s happening here.

Andris told me that the Fighters Guild has secret ways in and out of the city. They’ve been getting people out, waiving their usual fee. He says they’ll be barricading their hall soon, some warding magic they use. Wouldn’t tell me more, only urged me to either get out of the city or join him.

I hope he’ll be safe within, but frankly, I’ll feel safer far away from this place. I have a cousin in Skingrad. Look for me there. I wouldn’t linger long. The skies grow darker with every passing moment.

— Landlin

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