Administrative Ledger, Entry 3,412

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Routine inspection of the Rectory. New vessels show little issue integrating into the Chorus. Several have been released per the terms of their pacts. I want to ask them about their time in the Chorus but it isn’t my place.

Cipher Bonfice’s condition continues to worsen. Believing death to be imminent, he has increased the vigor of his instruction on the history and nature of the Chorus.

Today covered the nature of how to access and interact with the Chorus. Bonifice likened it to a garden surrounded by a wall of infinite height. Hermaeus Mora shares himself with those within the garden. No force can break through the wall or scale it—the only way into the garden is through the magic and artifice of the Rectory.

Old Cipher Bonifice loves his fables.

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