Cerise’s Farewell Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Cerise

Lierre, love of my life, I pray you find this one day. It seems I will never return to Gideon. Priestess Rolaine mortally wounded me, and our carriage went off a cliff into the lake. It sunk out of sight, taking a chest and that treacherous priestess, tangled in the reins, along with it. It also left me with a broken leg. I’m afraid this is the end for me.

Rolaine struck me with some sort of spell. I can feel it gnawing away at me, but people must know the truth. So, my dearest, this is both a testimony and a farewell. I hope you will forgive me.

I recently learned that Priestess Rolaine and half the constables in Gideon are part of a secretive cult called the Waking Flame. Rolaine has been murdering people and stealing their souls—perhaps for years now. She even keeps memories of the murders in an ensorcelled stone so she can relive her sick game whenever she pleases. She was deranged, Lierre, and many of the novitiates paid the price for her madness.

Last night, I learned Rolaine planned to trade the souls she captured to a group of necromancers called the Ideal Masters. I had hoped to find some other way to stop her, but I had to act quickly. The novitiates were our friends, and there simply wasn’t time to do this any other way. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you what I learned, but I was afraid they’d come after you.

Now that Priestess Rolaine is dead, I want you to bring the memory stone and this sworn testimony to the constabulary in Leyawiin. We must expose the Waking Flame before they murder anyone else!

I love you so much. We’ll see each other again one day, my love. Dibella bless you.

Your loving wife,

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