Oodegu’s Journal—Keep Out!

Released In:
Author (in-game): Oodegu

Soon, I will have attained the power I need to return to Wrothgar and claim my place in the Orsinium hierarchy. You wouldn’t believe how long I searched or how far I traveled to find a cave that possessed all of the components necessary to complete my arcane ritual. But Hightide Hollow has proven to exceed even my greatest expectations! The flowing lava alone made the trip worth it.

Of course, convincing the Shadowsilk Goblins to bow down and follow me halfway across Tamriel took a considerable amount of time and effort. I had to kill two of their leaders and give their shaman an embarrassing beating to solidify my position at the top of the tribe. They’re still Goblins, but at least now they actually know how to obey simple commands and carry out rudimentary orders.

The spiders, of course, were unexpected. Shalk I understand and was ready for, given their propensity for gathering near molten lava. But the spiders—what drew them into these caves is beyond me! Just another challenge thrown before me by Mauloch or some other annoying, interfering, totally worthless entity. I shall rise to this challenge, however, for the ritual is ready and the time to cast it is almost upon us.

Soon, so very soon, I shall become more powerful than even King Kurog can imagine! As long as my loyal but stupid Goblin horde (or at least what remains of them) can hold back the spiders for a while longer.

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