First Mate Dalmir’s Log

Released In:
Author (in-game): Dalmir

<22 days ago>

Departed Vivec City on the morning tide, bound for Sadrith Mora. A fine morning to set sail.

<18 days ago>

Made port at Sadrith Mora and took on a cargo of muck sponge.

<15 days ago>

Took on passengers at Firewatch. Prelate Faram and his aides, who observe a vow of silence. Strange group, all with scars that indicate they suffered some pox or other in the past. I’ve never met anyone from the Temple like them before. And they had a lot of cargo. Crates that smelled like something died inside them. They better not stink up the hold.

<11 days ago>

Rounded the north cape of the Telvanni Peninsula in rough seas. Half the crew was too sick to work today. The prelate and his aides kept to the lower decks. I even found a few of them down in the hold.

<4 days ago>

Three days out of Necrom. The crew is complaining about skeevers. There must be some sort of infestation in the hold. Probably something to do with those crates the prelate brought aboard. I’m going to take a look. Then I’ll lock it up until we reach Necrom.

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