Waylaid Traveler’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

8 Last Seed
We were warned that the roads of Craglorn were treacherous. We thought we would find safety in numbers among the caravans, but it turns out that the Dragonstar Caravan Company isn’t as benevolent as we had hoped. They demanded a huge “transport fee” to assure our safety. We decided to take our chances and travel the side roads. We heard tales of bandits in the hills, but we are well armed and have our own guards. We should be fine.

10 Last Seed

So far, our decision has paid off. Our journey has been uneventful.

11 Last Seed

One of our guards says he heard howling in the night. Now all of the guards are frightened and demand more gold before continuing our journey.

14 Last Seed

The guards remain nervous, but we’ve spent less than what the Dragonstar Company demanded of us. Our venture remains profitable.

18 Last Seed

There was a storm today. Thunder and lightning and torrential rains. I thought this was supposed to be a desert? I guess it has to rain sometime, but it got so bad at times that we couldn’t see the path in front of our feet.
After we were completely soak, we decided to take refuge in a cave. In the morning, we will start out again.

19 Last Seed

We all heard the howling tonight. Our guards have shown themselves for cowards and abandoned us. I can’t wait to be rid of this foul cave, just as soon as the rain stops falling.

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