Wounded Lion

Author: Captain Balrook
Released In:

To the noble Sir Valcent Tailes, late of the Lion Guard,

My name is Captain Balrook gro-Mak, and I believe we have some things in common. We are both men of honor, men of singular vision. My allies assure me that the accusations leveled against you are baseless, and that you are being singled out. Persecuted. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know.

As a show of good will, I've sent along a few trinkets and books. I'm given to understand you have an interest in the spellcasting arts, and I have no use for these old things.

The dead of Eastmarch have slept long enough. Make good use of them.

Yrs Respectfully,

Captain Balrook

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