Letter to Tarnamir

Released In:
Author (in-game): Halimorion

Ceruval Tarnamir,

I understand that you received a formal complaint from the Wood Elf community regarding my associations with one of their number—a handsome Wood Elf maid named Farril. Please believe me when I say that this entire matter is a tragic misunderstanding, blown wildly out of proportion by their lack of education and inherent, brutish biases. I assure you, I have treated the Wood Elves with all the respect they deserve and I never laid a hand on Farril.

Even so, it is our burden to make our new guests feel as welcome as possible. Therefore, in order to address any lingering concerns, I have dismissed Farril from her indenture. I sent her to one of my local competitors (another tenant of yours, I believe) with a ringing endorsement. I hear she has found comfortable employment there, and is quite pleased with this outcome.

As an additional gesture of good will, I will be sending a gift to my new Wood Elf neighbors.

As you well know, our labors rely on tight communal bonds of fraternity and love. I hope the steps I’ve taken will be sufficient.

Harmoniously Yours,

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