Lauron’s Journal

Author: Lauron
Released In:

Day 7 -

I've arrived in S'ren-ja, this backwater Khajiiti village, to continue my research. The locals here have a minor crocodile infestation, and should provide the ideal base of operations for my experiments.

Day 31 -

Progress is slow, but I have almost achieved total mastery of the beasts. This morning I was able to force a mother crocodile to consume her own young! After she finished, the beast broke free from my control and I was forced to destroy it. I'm so close!

Day 48 -

My control is complete! The crocodiles of S'ren-ja are my puppets, and I am their master. I've experimented with having them slip into town and kill one or two nobodies. I'm sure they won't be missed. Now that I have mastered these beasts, though, I wonder if I could control something larger ….

Day 50

I've decided. I shall summon and master a Daedra. I should start with a daedroth, it's only fitting. The uninformed often mistake the beautiful daedroth for a crocodile, don't they? I'm sure I'll have just as much success dominating the will of a daedroth as I did with these other beasts!

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