The Never-Woven

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Entry 1
Is it worth my eroding sanity? Knowledge, endless knowledge, as long as I’m willing to seek them out. Every fate teeters on a precipice, a threshold where they might be made, or not. We make our choices and the strands of what we choose to do, the way we choose to follow. Fate itself weaves its strands in and through and around until the tapestry of our fateline is strong and it is unbreakable.

Entry 4
I’ve been able to identify the threshold. The never-woven. The unwoven? The moment it starts to form, hangs in abeyance, waiting. Anticipation, as Azandar used to bark at me.

And then, sometimes a choice made and. Nothing. But it is not nothing. A power in the unwoven fate. The reach of Herma Mora stretches past the boundaries of what is to what might be. Perhaps, perhaps one day my reach will meet his.

If Azandar were here, he would laugh at me. And I at him. He was so right, and so wrong at the same time. His ideas do not encompass what I have seen.

Entry 5
I see them everywhere I go now, my forlorn, unmade choices. I have found a way to scry them out. One drop of my blood connects me to these unrealized potentialities, the frayed and unwoven fates that lay scattered behind me like so much debris. We leave them behind us, an unending chain that links us back our first breath of life. So many lives unlived. And all mine to learn from. Just as Azandar and I had always hoped.

Entry 12
They say that fates are blood-bound to an individual. Or do they say that? Perhaps I just said that. It’s so hard to tell, now, where I end and they begin. The power, the potential. I sought merely to learn but there is so much more to be gained.

I can weave my tattered untaken fates into power. They are nothing, just shadows on the cave wall. Why should I not? Am I not the flame, the light, that casts those shadows?

Entry 14
Worth it, the knowledge is mine. I know it, it is me. I can smell the drift now. I can wander the drifting tides of fate. Never to worry. Never again. I have done it, Azandar. I have the knowledge. All of it.

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