For Letter Finder

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

For letter finder,

Son of Khoreg, son of Malgog, son of Agarabug, scribe of great clan of metal land. Write about this time when we are very long in place and sun is pale in sky and warm dies. No food grows but meat sometimes and mushroom in cave.

Priest make offering to great warm and bang on pipe to stop clockwork demon attack. Is hard now to teach to write and read. Food is want. Not book. Warm is want. Burn book for warm.

Is writing last word of clan of metal land. We probably eat each other before warm again. Priest make offering. Chief look for place make warm. Old map show way. Chief not read.

Is not eat clanflesh. Is die. Is last to know read and write. Is eat by others. Others live.

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