Raynor’s Bthanual Notes

Author: Raynor Vanos
Released In:


Raynor After reviewing Kireth's notes on the prismatic emitter matrix set into the conduit chamber shows some remarkable strides in the understanding of Dwemer construction. Her scribbling may be childish and her language is, at best, imprecise, but her conclusions are no less exceptional despite her best efforts to the contrary.

My sister actually managed to generate and execute a working hypothesis that allowed her to not only determine how the Dwemer device was supposed to operate, but resulted in her repairing and utilzing the device to open a door that had been sealed—almost literally—forever.

She was able to fashion a replacement for a damaged emitter stone using scavenged parts from damaged Dwemer constructs and her own saliva. I won't touch the new component, and that's certainly not how I would have solved this predicament, but I am proud of my little sister.

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