Vow of Consumption

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

A Vow Made to Consume the Kalmur Clan and Gain Knowledge of Family

As I desire to gain a deeper understanding of the mortal concept of family, I have chosen an appropriate vessel of this knowledge to devour.

A clan of Orcs known as Kalmur, who reside on the plane of Nirn, manifest a being they call Atrozu. It is through their bonds of unity and family that this creature comes forth.

I swear, by the power bestowed to me by Lord Mehrunes Dagon, to consume Atrozu and thus gain the knowledge I seek. In addition, I shall consume the souls of any Kalmur who I encounter until my hunt is complete.

With this vow, I hereby summon a new Orb of Vows that shall guide me to my target. If I fail, may I crumble to ash and my vestige dissipate, never to serve my Lord Dagon again.

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