Letter from Nothelas

Author: Nothelas
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Dear Pa,

It finally happened! I did it. After all these years of practice and feeling like an absolute corker of a failure, I finally got a sprout to flower!

Belathel is treating me to drinks tonight. In a weird way, she seemed more excited than I was about my progress. I think maybe she doubted her own ability to teach since her apprentice finally managed to hear the Green after five seasons of work. Still, she pretty much jumped for joy when the petals grew under my hands. Here, wait, I’ll break down what happened for you.

My biggest struggle, according to Belathel, is that I couldn’t focus on the Green when it was talking. Which is understandable now that I’ve heard it. The Green doesn’t talk like anything I’ve ever heard before. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Belathel tried something different during our lesson today. Instead of manipulating the Green herself and having me listen for its words, today she put her hands over my ears. I don’t know how she did this but she either dampened the noise of the rest of the world or she amplified the Green’s voice. But I could hear it. It was old, and more opinionated than you’d think plants would be. It told me where to nudge, showed me how to fill the sprout with energy, and let me feel the song of growth. As I funneled my magicka into the sprout, I could hear it too, a much younger voice blending with the Green’s.

I can’t believe that after all this time, I’m finally on my way to becoming a Greenspeaker! Belathel thinks I’ll make quick work of the more advanced lessons now that I can hear the Green. Tomorrow we’ll start turning my flower into a table. I have no idea how that will work, but I can’t wait to get started!

Give all my love to the rest of the family. And please ask mum to send some of her honey cakes. I want to give them to Belathel as thanks for her patience.

With love and affection,

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