Letter to Pelena

Author: Theophan Pictor
Released In:

Dearest Pelena,

You may not remember me, but I assure you I’ve never forgotten your name or the swirling script of your letter to my band of mercenaries. How curious it was to see such delicate writing spell out such a gruesome request.

I still remember the shock in your husband’s eyes. The way he cried out for his mother while he pawed at the dagger in his back.

The memory remained an idle amusement until talk of a wealthy, elderly woman searching for her son spread through Cyrodiil. Then it struck me.

Your late husband and I bore a striking resemblance. I’m sure you’ll agree. We have much to discuss, dear wife. We’ll have to play our parts well if you’d like to split that woman’s fortune. Or, I could just reveal you as the murderess you are.

You decide.
Theophan Pictor

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