Improved Cataclyst Model

Released In:
Author (in-game): Devastator Nomio

While our experiments at Fort Grief have proven that the Riven Cataclyst works and produces viable Incarnates, the process remains slow and difficult. Sister Celdina has made it clear that creating one Incarnate at a time—and failing outright in all too many attempts—is unacceptable. Lord Mehrunes Dagon desires an army of living disasters, not a mere handful.

I examined the blind seer’s designs and identified a number of refinements that should drastically improve our success rate while reducing the incubation period. Under my direction, our mages have collaborated in the construction of a one-quarter scale model of what we call the Improved Cataclyst. The model has performed well in trials so far.

The next step is to build a full-sized version and test it with Dremora subjects. I am confident that the new design will finally enable us to fully implement Sister Celdina’s vision, and in the numbers Lord Dagon requires.

Devastator Nomio

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