Information Request from Emeric

Released In:
Author (in-game): Emeric

Grand Warlord Dortene,

Let there be no mistake: I state again that you answer to the Kings’ Council. The army you command belongs to the Covenant, not to you. More communication is required for our confidence in you to continue.

The news we have received seems promising. It is the frequency, or lack thereof, of updates that we find troubling.

We understand the difficulties involved in gathering information across Cyrodiil and then delivering that news to Wayrest. And we acknowledge the point that your soldiers are better used on the battlefield than as couriers. Nonetheless, we insist that this effort be made and that it be made on a daily basis.

As an aside, the captain of my guard has requested that someone less surly and short-tempered than your aide Grulzul be employed as courier henceforth.

The Covenant’s hopes of gaining the White-Gold Tower rest with you, Grand Warlord. Do not disappoint us.

— Emeric,
High King

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