On Valerianus Lentinus

Released In:
Author (in-game): High Priestess Simplicia Nivianus

Father Isauricus,

Normally, I wouldn’t meddle in security matters at the temple, but I feel I must call your attention to a problem that has developed over the last few years. I know Valerianus has served honorably at his post for more than a decade, but I suspect I am not the only one here who is feeling frustrated about the current situation. Over the years, Valerianus has become extremely zealous about his faith. Indeed, one cannot even indulge in conversation with our dutiful guard without him expressing some sickeningly optimistic sentiment about how divine intervention might improve our lives. Last week, I was further shocked to overhear Valerianus preaching to some visitors about “Arkay’s holy might” and “Mara’s sweet grace.” When one of these innocent young ladies revealed that she wasn’t in the habit of praying daily, Valerianus even went so far as to rebuke her for her “derelictions.” I would not want to hear any priest or priestess at the temple speaking to a visitor this way, let alone one of the temple guards.

I fear the time has come for Valerianus to retire, and it needs to happen soon. Please give this matter your immediate and complete attention. If I have to hear “Divines bless you, sister” one more time, my ears might fall off.

High Priestess Simplicia Nivianus

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