Letter to Councilor Lovidicus

Author: Councilor Jirich
Released In:

Chief Councilor Lovidicus,

While our time serving together on the Imperial Elder Council is long past, I still consider you to be both a colleague and a friend. I know I ignored the warning the Wood Elf brought you. Refused to believe that old secrets still held any power, any danger. I was wrong.

I received a letter from Farrul Lupus today (which if the reports of his death are accurate, he must have sent before he was murdered), and I fear that I am being followed. I thought I caught a glimpse of a dark figure watching me from the rocks during my island walk this morning. I was so rattled by the sight that I dropped Farrul's letter. Didn't realize I had lost it until I had almost reached the cave.

This must be related to a project Emperor Moricar gave me some twenty years back. He needed caretakers for some sort of storage vaults and I procured them. Set up the contracts. Paid the costs. But that was so long ago.

Even as I write this, I can feel the noose drawing tight. If you receive this, tell the others. Convince them to heed the warning and accept your assistance. The secret of the Longhouse Emperors. I think this time, it really will be the death of me.

Councilor Jirich

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