Invitation to the Hunt

Released In:
Author (in-game): Selloe

Esteemed Auberic Dufont,

It is with great pleasure that we extend this invitation to you, ceruval Dufont. As you well know, Lady Ghisiliane applies the most rigorous standards in candidate selection. Your admission should be seen as nothing less than a grand endorsement of your high character and worthy deportment.

Within a fortnight, you will receive a token of admission to be delivered to our hunt masters on the day of the event. Remember that this hunt will take place in a swampy climate, so please dress appropriately.

Our seasoned trappers in prey-acquisitions assure us that this event’s quarry will provide a suitable challenge for hunters of all skill levels. Bestial Orcs and cunning Khajiit await your well-placed arrow! Please note that all hunts present some measure of danger, but our skilled hunt masters stand ready to assist you should the situation grow dire.

We eagerly await your arrival, master hunter! Farewell and good fortune!


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