Chiselshriek Foreman’s Log

Author: Yorric
Released In:

9th First Seed

Yield: 62 stone. One of the lads found something in the mine. Looks like a polished charm in the form of a woman. Broken though. One of the arms and the head look like they're missing. Kolat thinks he's going to sell it for a fortune. I told him that no one is going to buy a broken figurine from some mud-caked shaft-rat. But he left anyway. Need to remind the purse to cut Kolat's wages.

13th First Seed

Yield: 46 stone. Things have slowed farther down the shaft. Not exactly sure what the problem is. I sent a couple of workers down to check the supports. They've been down there a long time. I'd worry about a cave-in, but the only sound I've heard is wind and hisses. I hope they haven't found another gas pocket. Still have workers down with fire-lung.

22nd First Seed

Yield: 24 stone. Another three workers missing. I'm scared to send more lads down there, but we've got to find out what's happening. Going to mount a small expedition tomorrow. Me, Sorka, and Hasid. Let the record show that Heilsjor is acting foreman until I return.

1st Rain's Hand

Yield: 14 stone. This is Heilsjor taking over for Yorric. It's been slow going without the foreman and Sorka. Hasid's not worth much since he got back. Still mumbling about a "blue lady" or some such. Given the lack of manpower and the drop in morale, I've decided to close the mine for now. I'm leaving the log behind for any future occupants. Be careful. There's something down there. I'm not sure what, but it's dangerous. Mine at your own risk.

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