Notable Transactions

Author: Rinfir-Jo
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I've outlined a few of the most notable transactions from the last few weeks. Anything I haven't noted here is pretty much moving along as we'd hope.

And as a reminder, make sure to tell your cousin about her kid. Why she thought he could make it running with you, I'll never know. I sent what was left of him to Thizzrini. Trolls are always hungry, you know.

— Payments from businesses in Dune and Rawl'kha continue to trickle in. Our new push in Dune has earned lots of coin. I've pulled everyone out of Arenthia. Not sure what to make of the situation there.
— Hadran sent along two loaves of nectar bread and a bottle of plum brandy. He's late on his payment, but word from our agent is that he's good for it. Suggest letting it go for another week or two.
— Ishalga is well and truly hooked. Never thought it would be so useful having someone like her on retainer, but she's proven surprisingly informative. Arena's a good place to drink, I guess.
— Damned eagles shut down one of our operations in Skywatch. Malion's not in a cell yet. But we need to rethink our relationship with that city.
— We've lost contact with our agent in the Red Sun bandits. I honestly don't know what's happened, but Malabal Tor has some kind of crazy situation developing over there. Suggest we hold tight and see if he reaches out.

Bright moons, boss.

— Rinfir-jo

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