Sanguine’s Revelers Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Hey! Hey you! Yeah, you! Someone handed you this because we’re running dry! Vhartle’s still walking straight enough to drive the cart to town, so if you’ve got requests write them down and pass them along.

Eight bottles of wine.

Make it thirty!

Can some of those be spiced wine?

Five barrels of mead.



Yeah, skooma for me too!

Bring some more company. Most of you are too sloshed to be any fun.

Temple of Dibella isn’t that far away.

Oh, twenty potions of stamina restoration, too, then.

Idiot! This is supposed to be secret!

My lips are sealed! Where’s the fun in that?

Can I get a pint of ale?

No. I’m so thirsty, just go already!

Two bottles of brandy.

Fresh pants.

And an echatere. It’s just not a party without an echatere!

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