Vaults of Madness Diaries

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

These diaries were all found in the Vaults of Madness dungeon.

Diary, Day 13

This torment is endless. Every day I perform the same tasks of depositing the soulless husks into the depths of Oblivion. I fear I am losing myself as time passes. I dearly hope I won’t become one of the shriven.

I hunger, and I can’t be sated.

Diary, Day 36

They keep coming. More and more of the soulless ones are drained. I feel the pangs of hunger upon me. Perhaps these husks are my answer.

Diary, Day 61

I see the eyes looking at me. They are dead, soulless, but I still crave them.

Help me.

Diary, Day Unknown

I’ve lost track of the days. There are so many soulless here. Like a feast. A feast for me.

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