Eislef’s Journal

Author: Eislef
Released In:

— Skeever got in the house today. Frirhild nearly jumped out of her dress. Spilled half my mead on the floor from laughing so hard.
— Got a new farmhand. Good lad. The other street rats in Riften dubbed him Hramdin Eversmiling. Maybe a match for Raerana, when she's a little older?
— Had to deal with Bar-Neeus in Riften today. Damned lizard cheats me every time. Barely made enough for a couple of drinks before heading home. Frirhild had her say about that, as usual.
— Damned Elf hanging around the farm again today. If he asks for Rae's hand again, it'll go hard on him. He's not good enough for her.
— Raerana just won't learn. Had to teach her to watch her mouth this morning. Frirhild almost said something but stopped. Good. I know what's best for my girls. Today's going to be a good day.

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