King Kurog’s Promise

Author: Kurog gro-Orsinium
Released In:

Herewith the Agreement between His Majesty King Kurog, Monarch of Orsinium, and the Oathbound Warchief, Gruznak gro-Volkar, and herein the terms:

Insofar as the deaths of Dark Elves are pleasing unto Mauloch and deemed useful as a matter of policy:

For each Dark Elf skull obtained by the Oathbound, Gruznak gro-Volkar shall be granted title to Malak's Maw for one year.

Furthermore, Warchief Gruznak and his Oathbound are hereby absolved of crimes against the Daggerfall Covenant, including (but not limited to) murder, banditry, and the felonious impersonation of traveling entertainers.

— Kurog gro-Orsinium

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