Blue Road Scout Notes

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Found the perfect spot to spy on Blue Road Keep. Will leave this journal for others who're sent here to add notes. I trust my trail markings will lead more Covenant scouts here.

Would like to burn down that lumbermill. No telling how many soldiers will be killed by the siege engines they're building.

Keep hearing sounds from the ruins. Not sure who or what is in there, but I'm sure not going to check.

Large body of troops left the keep today, several hundred at least. They headed south, toward Dominion territory. Good riddance; I hope they wipe each other out.

Arse is sore from sitting on this rock for days.

Small squad of our troops hit the lumbermill today. Burned all the stockpiled wood and then ran before reinforcements arrived from the keep. Warmed my heart to see it.

Been here a week. Time to head back. Need to post my report and talk to General Khamagash. Then I need to sleep for a week.

Hulbesh here. Not sure who left this journal, but he talked too much. His markings were bad too; lucky I found this spot.

No troop movements to report. Been here three days, haven't seen a thing. Time to leave.

This journal soothes, a cure for the scout's loneliness. I feel myself conversing with those who came before me and those who will come after me.

I am blessed! A major battle ensued on my first day here. A large Dominion force attacked Blue Road Keep. They were repulsed after several hours, but the Pact defenders suffered great losses and the keep walls were heavily damaged.

I must hurry to the Grand Warlord. If she orders an immediate attack, we may overwhelm the keep before the Pact can recover. There is no time to lose.

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