Master Healer Viralaine’s Notes

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

An unfortunate development has occurred. Roslenn discovered the laboratory. I had no choice but to sedate her with a large dose of the subject's blood. I'm simply too close to success to suspend my experiments now.

While the circumstances are regrettable, Roslenn's case may provide new insights. To date, I have administered diluted doses of the subject's blood to patients in their food and drink. Symptoms appear slowly over several days, as one would expect. However, Roslenn's dosage rendered her unconscious at once.

Roslenn's condition can be managed for a time, but is certain to develop into full vampirism. Fortunately, science suggests a simple antidote: an extract of harpy feathers mixed with a sample of the subject's blood and a few other alchemical reagents.

I must administer the antidote to Roslenn soon, but then what? If she reports this incident to Lord Bacaro, it can only end in panic and recrimination. Yet I can hardly allow foolish overreactions to impede my research. Not when I am so close.

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