Letter to Reezal-Jul

Released In:
Author (in-game): Baron Montclair

General Reezal-Jul,

Orlozag will get you more people. I promised you resources and I will not go back on my word, But you had better be right about these creatures you can create. You promised me an army of obedient, strong servants and I expect you to deliver. If not, we can always create more bloodfiends.

In the meantime, hold the upper city. When the time is right, bring in reinforcements and push forward. Take the whole city. Use the old Fevered Mews as a staging ground. You can open a portal there and I’ll send troops through, out of sight of the Shornhelm Guard. Then we can launch a surprise attack and all of Shornhelm will be mine!

And remember, use the powers we have been given. Your creations are well and fine, but employ our blessed gift to create more vampires and bloodfiends whenever the opportunity arises.

I am sure that Dorell and Tamrith will dither for days before making a decision, which gives us plenty of time. I look forward to hearing them beg for their worthless lives.

— Baron Montclair

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